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wind hail insuranceWind & Hail Damage Insurance: Designed for Every Storm

Being Utah natives, we know how bad our snow storms can get. We’ve spent many mornings scraping ice off our property and checking our windshields for damage.

Unfortunately, not every homeowner’s policy includes wind and hail insurance. If you can’t count on your existing homeowners policy to shield you from a storm or other significant weather event, where can you turn?

Kruse Insurance Center is here to help.

Kruse Insurance: Rooted Against the Storms

Since first setting up, Kruse Insurance has been based in Pocatello, ID. Throughout the years, we’ve endured all winter, rain, and hail storms right along with our community. Both professionally and personally, we’ve experienced the toll these weather events can take on one’s finances and everyday lifestyle.

Imagine then, how much more devastating such an event could be for a homeowner without adequate insurance coverage to pay for rebuilding. If you own a home in Bannock County, this might very well describe your situation if you face one of these storms with only home insurance

Wind & Hail Damage Insurance Supplements Home Insurance

The increased risk for such weather events in our region has led many insurance carriers to exclude wind and hail coverage from standard homeowners insurance policies. As a homeowner in Bannock County, you’ll either need to find home insurance with wind and hail included or carry a separate wind and hail damage insurance policy. For most Bannock County residents, the latter will probably prove the better, more-practical option

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At Kruse, we offer free, comparative quotes on wind and hail damage insurance from multiple providers, assuring you of the best possible rates. If you’ve got questions about home, or wind and hail damage insurance, we’ve got answers to help you make informed decisions about storm coverage. We’re here in the office anytime during regular business hours to speak with you. Just call Kruse Insurance Center at 208-232-6277. For a free online wind and hail damage insurance quote, simply complete the form on this page!